• Tuesday,  April 23,       7:00-8:30 PM 

    Episode 7: Exposing the Mask: What Relativism Is Often Covering Up

    How do we talk about morality in a world that no longer believes in truth? When we’re bombarded with messages of “Be tolerant!” “Don’t judge!” and “Coexist!” many good people feel afraid to say anything is right or wrong anymore.

    This 8-part study program gives us an important key to responding to relativism effectively—a Catholic moral worldview. Learn how Catholic morality is all about love, how making a judgment is not judging a person’s soul, and how, in the words of Pope Francis, “relativism wounds people” and is “the spiritual poverty of our times.”

    Where: Kathleen Wright Conference Room 
    (First Floor PARISH LIFE CENTER, use 1st Street Entrance)

  • Potluck and Prayer

         "Pot-Luck" Prayer- Known for it's informality and laid-back approach,  we gather 4-6 times a year in a host home for a meal, followed by shared discussion and practical application of & on the upcoming Sunday's Gospel. (Kids are running around playing in the background!)
           Singles, couples and families of any age are welcome, or consider opening up your own home!  Please contact Naomi @ naomi@smaolean.org
    for upcoming dates and locations,
     or consider opening your own home! 

    {Spring Gathering:  Sat.Evening, April 13th @ Smith Home}

  • Wednesday Mornings:  
    March 6-April 17
    11AM - 12 Noon

    Don't Give Up Chocolate
    for Lent

    Instead, discover simple ways to transform your life in forty days. Join our parish for BEST LENT EVER, a free email program from Dynamic Catholic that is designed to help you have a life-changing Lent. Each day, you’ll receive a short inspirational video that will help you...

    •Find areas for growth

    •Build better habits

    •Spark lasting change

    PLACE:  Kathleen Wright Conf. Room (First Floor PARISH LIFE CENTER, use 1st Street Entrance)

    Or watch it at home at this link 
  • Please bring an appetizer, a dish or dessert to share!~